Re-imagine Stonehaven

By Jane Cruickshank / May 21, 2020
Photo of map of Stonehaven, cunningly with Bellman's Head in shot

SOME creative thinking is needed in Stonehaven with £10,000 up for grabs for a scheme aimed at kick-starting our local business economy.

Aberdeenshire Council’s Town Centres Phoenix Fund will provide similar sums to 12 other larger towns in the Shire, while 13 smaller communities are to receive £5,000.

The cash boost recognises the impact of restrictions on non-essential retail, food and drink and of the closure of other services – public and private.

And as the lockdown lifts, it is feared Stonehaven’s businesses may face customers with lower levels of confidence, and perhaps less disposable income.

So what would improve your shopping experience in town? What would encourage you to spend what you can afford with our local businesses?

Stonehaven Should Register Interest by June 26

It is expected the Business Association may make the application, but other organisations such as the Community Council or Rotary Club would also be an acceptable applicant – but there can only be one project per town, so collaboration is the name of the game.

Full details of the Phoenix Fund are available here

Lesley duff - May 25, 2020

To pedestrianise the promenade during Easter and summer hollidays only , two business wish this with two business suggesting no, out of the four on the promenade,
For aunty Betty’s and Molly’s we can organise the tables and chairs ourselves in the parking bays, with little in put from the council advice would be good
Therefore the cash can be spent on the market square or other priorities for stonehaven,
No parking charges
Branding stonehaven with colour and canopies ask hive architect for advice they have a very contemporary outlook

Lesley duff - May 22, 2020

During Easter and summer hollidays it would be marvelous to pedestrianise the promenade and the harbour, please consider no charge for persons parking , welcome everyone to our town, please consider branding stonehaven for example all the shops have a similar canopy. Please consider asking the government to cull seagulls. Toot

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