Lockdown Art Set in Stone

STONES painted during the lockdown are wanted for a collaborative project at Stonehaven’s promenade – a stretch of turf behnd the Town Hall has been cleared and is now a blank canvas waiting for contributions from members of the public.

Colourful stones have appeared all around Stonehaven over the past weeks, left by their artists for people to encounter them on their daily exercise walks. Some are humorous, some carry uplifting messages, while others have been laid in tribute to our key workers.

Aberdeenshire Council project officer Diane Henderson has brought together the Horizon Group and the Stonehaven Town Partnership to help create a gallery of the stones set in cement.

She said she hopes as many people as possible with an artistic flair will become involved.

”It has been such a unique time in people’s lives, it is good to mark and remember it,” she said.

Bring your painted stone next Wednesday

Aileen Philip of the Horizon Project said it was clear from chat on Facebook that people in Stonehaven were keen to see the stones brought together in a permanent exhibition.

And she said the display would be tackled in phases – with the first section being laid next week. So stones should be brought down to the area next Wednesday, June 24. Aileen asked that they should be lacquered if possible.

But she did not want people to panic if they wanted to participate but needed more time.

”This is just the first phase,” she said. ”There will be a phase two, to give artists of any age an opportunity to get creative.”

Jim Stephen of Stonehaven Town Partnership helped with the lawn cutting and will lay the cement needed to hold the stones in place.

He added: ”This is a great idea. We obviously wanted to support this initiative.

”A lot of hard work has been put in to the stones we have seen around the town.”

Horizon Group convenor John Cruickshank, left, is pictured with Jim Stephen, Diane Henderson and Aileen Philip.

Kevin Hutchens - June 20, 2020

Is this the best location,why not the green hut ,away from where people live,but near where people walk by.allso a recognised community exhibition area.

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