Spaces For People Update

By bellmannews / June 17, 2020
view of street

From Aberdeenshire Council Communications Team –

FEEDBACK from key stakeholders is helping to shape revisions to the temporary infrastructure measures designed to support public health and safety in our town centres.

Aberdeenshire Council’s ‘Spaces for People’ project which is introducing flexible and temporary measures creating additional space in our town centres to allow people to adhere to the physical distancing guidelines as lockdown restrictions ease has reached another key milestone.

The proposals, which are fully-funded through Sustrans’ Spaces for People grant, are being reviewed by officers to take into account some of the concerns raised by key stakeholders while still achieving the over-arching aim of the project which is to keep people safe as they return to our town centres.

These proposals are temporary and will only be required as long as physical distancing guidelines are in place.

They are also flexible so that they can be amended quickly if local conditions require.

Aberdeenshire Council’s Director of Infrastructure Services, Stephen Archer, said: “The purpose of these measures is to allow people to return to our town centres safe in the knowledge that interventions are in place to keep them safe.

“The proposals are being amended by our project teams and, although some temporary restrictions to motorised traffic will remain, our town centres will still be accessible by all modes and will be very much open for business.”

Revised proposals will be available for sharing next week and, if any of the temporary measures are required, they will be ready for deployment after July 6.

Derek Wayson - August 4, 2020

I totally agree with the local business owners who feel that this Spaces for People Seems to be an overkill for Stonehaven at least. Almost empty streets and full car parking means that many like myself who would prefer to use local shops find themselves using supermarkets for item previously obtained locally. Sometimes to the extent that we just put off buying them.
The intention was sound but the result is detrimental to local businesses. Definitely due for revision

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