Bricker to Bratislava

By bellmannews / June 23, 2020
Owen with his bike

Hello, my name is Owen Davidson and I am a 21-year-old from Stonehaven. I have organized a fundraising charity cycle that my friends and I will take part in order to raise money for the ‘Prevent Breast Cancer UK’ Charity.

The reason I felt compelled to do my bit to help this charity is because last July my mother Joanne Davidson was diagnosed with breast cancer. Thankfully in January this year she managed to make a full recovery.

Throughout my mum’s battle, I felt completely helpless as there was nothing I can do except make sure I was always there for her. After my mum’s recovery I knew I had to do my bit to help and try ensure no other family has to go through what we did.

The Cycle is Called ‘Bricker to Bratislava’ and involves a group of me and 20 friends cycling 50 miles each.  I got the name as I live on Brickfield Road with my mum and the total distance that will be cycled would be enough to take you from Stonehaven all the way to Bratislava, Slovakia.

When I set up the donation page I didn’t have a goal in mind for how much money I wanted to raise but after getting to £675 I’m now hoping to try and reach £1014, a pound for every mile cycled.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story, feel free to check out my Just Giving page ! I will be keeping it update with lots of photos and updates throughout our mission.

Every Donation is Amazing.