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By bellmannews / June 26, 2020
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Parentzone – Free, Fun Online Learning for Your Child
Parentzone have highlighted their six favourite resources including Museum Tours, Spaceplace by NASA, and comic strip design. 
Other information and services are available on the website.

NHS Grampian Testing and Tracing
NHS Grampian Testing and Tracing  would like to say that their contact tracing team will never ask for details of card or bank account numbers, ask you to provide or fill in social media login details, ask you to set up a PIN, or ask you to download anything.
If someone contacts you claiming to be an NHS Grampian contact tracer and asking you to do any of the above please hang up. If you then phone 01224 558795 this will put you through to the contact tracing team who can confirm if the call was genuine. If you have lost money as a result of a scam call then you should report the crime to Police Scotland 101 immediately. 

MAKETHECALL Campaign – Scottish Fire & Rescue Service
Scotland’s firefighters are calling on communities to help stop preventable deaths in house fires – by making a five-minute phone call.  Make the Call is a hard-hitting appeal to carers, family, friends and of those who are at risk of serious injury or even death because of an accidental fire in their home.
SFRS is now appealing to communities across Scotland to help save a life and consider home fire safety when checking in on vulnerable neighbours, patients, friends and family members during lockdown and to put them in touch with SFRS wherever possible using the free Home Fire Safety Visit phoneline. 
Please see the website and Facebook page for further detail.

Cruse Bereavement Care Scotland
Despite lockdown and social distancing, Cruse Scotland’s services have remained open and been available to anyone bereaved. 
Cruse has built capacity to cope with an increased demand in this event, and would encourage groups to signpost clients to them, who might benefit from their support.
Although unable to meet with clients on a face to face basis, clients are offered the option to receive support via telephone counselling or online counselling.
No one need struggle with the death of a loved one alone, Cruse Scotland is here and ready to help
For more information click here

JustRight Scotland
In addition to existing support under the Stay in Scotland campaign, the Scottish Government commissioned JustRight Scotland, a legal centre for justice and human rights, to develop a range of factsheets for EU citizens. This guidance explains the rights of EU citizens in Scotland to vote, work and access healthcare, education, housing and benefits. These are now available in English, Polish, Romanian, Lithuanian, Spanish and Italian and can be accessed here.  
In light of the devastating impacts of the current pandemic, the Scottish Government hopes that these resources will be useful for EU citizens in accessing further sources of support, and for anyone who wants to better understand the rights of EU citizens. 

North-East Now 
North-East Now pulls together lots of great information, directories and blogs in to one central place to make it easier for you to make sure you are supporting local businesses.
It’s always been important to support businesses in the North East of Scotland, but never has it been more important than it is right now.
The hub provides information on which local products are available in shops and supermarkets, making choosing North-east brands in your weekly shop really simple. It also includes sections on local businesses and those promoting local provenance operating across the food and drink, retail, wellbeing, lifestyle, fashion and beauty sectors and more. 
For more information visit the website