A New Berth for Alison B

Robin and Alison Barclay with the boat

AN old sailing dinghy that gave a Stonehaven family decades of fun has been transformed into a feature planter near the harbour.

Now named the Alison B – the boat is freshly painted and planted and sits at the corner of Keith place. It was donated to the Horizon Group by Robin and Alison Barclay, who saved it from being turned to firewood some 40 years ago.

First a Navy vessel, it then belonged to the town’s Sea Cadets. But the old wooden boat was rotten and leaky and unpopular with the youngsters who had to bale it out.

”They were about to burn it,” said Alison. ” So we took it and covered it with glass fibre, and put it in the harbour and used it every year.”

”It was a rare boat,” she added. ”All three of our children grew up having fun in it.”

For this latest chapter in the boat’s life, the Alison B came under the command of Allan Cairnduff, who with his ‘Famous Five’ crew of men from the Horizon Group set to work to repaint and bitumen line the old vessel to make it shipshape as a planter.

And many locals pitched in to help with the project – Keith Hunt gave access to a shed to store the boat and work on it; Murray Whittaker provided the stencilled name plate; and Richard Craig of Solis-C-11 crane-lifted the Alison B to its new berth at Keith Place, where it has already been much admired.

The Horizon Group crew join Robin and Alison Barclay to launch the Alison B as a planter with a splash of Miracle Gro.