Harbour Restrictions

By bellmannews / July 10, 2020
shot of harbour and bay

PADDLEBOARD enthusiasts should note new restrictions at Stonehaven Harbour.

The following information was taken from the Scottish Canoe Association website

  1. Instructions given by the Harbourmaster must be complied with at all times.
  2. As per the blue marked area of attached plan, paddleboarding is permitted in the Botany Bay area of the Harbour.
  3. As per the red hatched area of the attached plan, paddleboarding is not permitted in the Navigation Channel, entrance to the Middle harbour, along the side of the Net Pier, the Inner Harbour or the Outer Harbour.
  4. Planned paddleboarding operations should be communicated daily to the Harbourmaster.
  5. As per the attached plan, paddleboarders travelling to the South should stay in close to the cliffs to keep clear of the Navigation Channel.
  6. As per the attached plan, paddleboarders travelling to the North should cross the Navigation Channel at 90 degrees when clear of vessels.
  7. If sea conditions are not suitable in the Botany Bay area, it may be possible to utilise the Middle Harbour area on the following conditions:
  • Permission must be received in writing from the Harbourmaster on each occasion.
  • It is not permitted to paddleboard in the red hatched areas within the Middle Harbour marked in the attached plan.
  • Access/egress is from the slipway.
  • Paddleboards must be transported to/from the Middle Harbour/Botany Bay area along Shorehead.
  • Paddleboarding between the Middle Harbour and Botany Bay is not permitted.