Glaslaw Culverts

By bellmannews / July 15, 2020

From Sheila Tolmie, Communith Liaison Officer –

WE are delighted to inform you that as of Monday, 20th July at 0730hrs, and for the duration required, we will commence works to install the two higher capacity culverts on the Glaslaw Burn.

We will be undertaking site clearance works and taking possession of the construction site as outlined in the Stonehaven Flood Protection Scheme plans.  We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding during this important phase of the flood protection scheme works.

What will happen next?

  • We are contracted to work from 7.30 a.m. until 7 p.m. Monday to Friday and Saturdays from 7.30 – 1 p.m.
  • Following the recent halt in works and respective loss in construction activity/progress due to COVID-19, we have proposed to work every second weekend.  The benefit being that the site would be closed for two weekends a month providing a break from activity for residents.  You will receive a separate formal notification of the working hours and type of work to be undertaken if this is approved by Aberdeenshire Council
  • Additional health and safety precautions will be installed with further site demarcation (fencing)
  • Estimated w/c 27th July, a crane will be in situ for the arrival of the new culverts, to lift and position them
  • Monitoring equipment will be strategically placed throughout the area and will be checked by the project engineers to ensure compliance with environmental thresholds
  • Plant and equipment will be in situ including super silent pumps

Why are pumps needed? It is vital that the area is kept dry for works to proceed each day and therefore the burn will need to be over pumped.  They will be operating 24 hours a day, these have been selected due to their high performance with regards to noise levels and emission ratings and each is contained within its own lockable acoustic canopy.

Will the emergency services be able to gain access?  Yes, please be assured that we have liaised with them to ensure the area is accessible always and an emergency access agreement in place during the restrictions.

Will Carron Gardens bins still be emptied during the Road Closure? Yes, again please be assured that we have liaised with the waste department to coordinate this.   All residents will require to have their bins out by 7 a.m. each Friday.  If not ready for collection, you will have to wait until the next collection.

Will pedestrian access and parking be affected? Yes, for an estimated four weeks however progress will be determined by site conditions and the weather.  These restrictions are vital for everyone’s health and safety and there will be diversion/direction signage installed throughout the area. 

Key points to note:

From 20th July (Woodview Court and Carron Gardens)

  • Carron Gardens
  • From 20th July, NO through route via Woodview Court for vehicles or pedestrians
  • Once crane in in situ – NO vehicle access to Carron Gardens except for those who have spaces in the designed parking area off Low Wood Road. There will be footpath diversions in place.
  • Woodview Court – Access for vehicles or pedestrians is via the Invercarron Resource Centre

How has the temporary access and parking been arranged?  We liaised with Langstane Housing, a local resident and the Resource Centre.  A huge thanks to the goodwill extended by all and Langstane who have agreed limited temporary parking at the rear of Woodview Court accessible via the Invercarron Resource Centre for Carron Gardens residents during the short duration of the crane being in location estimated w/c 27th July.  If it was possible to find alternative parking e.g. with a relative/friend or manage without a vehicle this would be very appreciated.

What if I need temporary parking? We will issue you with a note for your vehicle to park at Woodview Court and this must be displayed to save any misunderstandings or confusion.

We hope this demonstrates our commitment to keep all Stakeholders informed and show due consideration to the community whilst we are working to make improvements for the Stonehaven Community.

Finally, should you wish to discuss this or any other project-related matters please do not hesitate to contact me by email @ or leave a message on 07867193124 and I will endeavour to get back to you as quickly as possible.

Kind regards

Sheila Tolmie

Community Liaison Officer

Dave MacDonald - July 24, 2020

In relation to these Glasslaw Burn works, just wondering if the high sheath-piling waterfall at the Carron Burn side of Low-wood Road, is to be removed or eased (or some form of simple holding pool created below it?). Surprisingly, this wee burn used to sustain a population of small autumn-running seatrout IF they were able to surmount that waterfall, and from a biodiversity point of view, it would be nice to see that run restored. Thanks.

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