Strawberry Tea Treats

By bellmannews / July 19, 2020

From Stonehaven Rotary Club –

STONEHAVEN Rotary Club has provided and served strawberry teas to the residents and staff in the Care Homes in Stonehaven for a number of years.

These are much appreciated by all!

This year, because of Covid 19, we couldn’t go into the care homes to serve the teas but we – and the care homes – were keen to continue with this tradition, and, where there’s a will, there’s a way! 

What are the ingredients of one of our strawberry teas?

Well, strawberries are essential and Stonehaven Rotary Club is most appreciative of the generosity of Castleton Farm shop at Fordoun in donating all the delicious strawberries. A big thanks too goes to the Red Red Robin Takeaway/Deli in Stonehaven for preparing individual portions of strawberry jelly.

Add to that a meringue, a finger of shortbread and a serving of cream and you can see why they go down so well!

This week, members of the Club’s Community committee have been busy sourcing all the items which make a strawberry tea, packaging them up and delivering them to the care homes, where the staff organise plating up and serving them to the residents.

And just to add to the occasion, Club member John Robson has been coming along with his bagpipes and playing as we handed everything over to the staff in each home.

Three homes have enjoyed their strawberry tea this week and next week, we will be at Mowat Court.