Lockdown Gallery

By Jane Cruickshank / July 30, 2020

NOW the last section of stones has been laid at the promenade, over two thousand miniature works of art are now on display – with even more to enjoy at the Wave Garden

The project was undertaken by volunteers from Stonehaven Town Partnership and the Horizon Group – at the request of Aberdeenshire Council.

It has taken approximately 300 man hours to lift turf and dig out the trenches then pour and level the concrete before laying in the stones – all done by the volunteers over the past month when weather and work permitted. Stonehaven Town Partnership paid for all the materials used – cement and lacquer, to the tune of over £400.

Admire Her Majesty the Queen

The lockdown gallery is now complete – no more stones will be set in concrete. There were stones contributed that could not be fitted in – and more continue to arrive – including a rather skillful rendition of Queen Elizabeth II. Those additional pebbles were moved this morning to the Horizon Wave Garden, so they can be admired by visitors to that area of our seafront.

Diane Henderson of Aberdeenshire Council with John Cruickshank of Horizon

Here’s a gallery of the project and finished work.

Sylvia Uren - July 30, 2020

Wow well done everyone, can’t wait to visit. x

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