Flood Protection Update

By bellmannews / August 14, 2020

From Sheila Tolmie of McLaughlin & Harvey –

In response to the significant flood events in Stonehaven on Tuesday, the project team worked closely with the Emergency Services and assisted them where possible.

A site wide review has taken place and a clean-up operation is ongoing to the affected areas within the site. This enables us to make the work areas safe and recommence all activities of construction for the Flood Scheme.

As you are aware, the key elements of the scheme include construction of walls, embankments, culverts, and alteration to 5 bridges along the Carron Water (and tributaries) through Stonehaven. 

Following the clean-up, you will see teams on site continuing with the following in each area:

  • 4A North (between Beach Bridge and Bridgefield)
Concreting to Bridge Abutment foundation and stem walls
Backfilling to foundation structures
Construction of pumping station
  • 4A South (between Beach Bridge and Bridgefield)
Concrete slab under Bridgefield bridge
Installation of secant piles Excavation and cropping of secant pile wall
  • 1C North (between White Bridge and Carron Terrace)
Backfilling to foundation structures
Stonework to stem walls
Scour protection
Self-closing barriers installation
Installation of combined sewer outfall
  • 1C South (between White Bridge and Carron Terrace)
Floodgate 1 concrete work
  • 1D (between Dunnottar Avenue and Green Bridge)
Complete watermain diversion
Backfilling pile caps
Stonework to stem walls
Garden reinstatements
Scour protection
  • 1E North (between Green and Red Bridge)
Scour protection to river side Drainage and utilities Garage construction Road reinstatement
  • 1E South (between Green and Red Bridge)
Excavate and crop piles
Concrete works
Stonework to stem walls (road side only)
  • 2G (Woodview Court/Glaslaw Burn)
Woodview Court Culvert – drainage and utilities
Woodview Court Culvert concreting works
Woodview Court Culvert kerbing and road reinstatement

This weekend is a planned non-working weekend however due to the sequencing requirements for the secant pile wall installation in Area 4A, we will be required to continue with the piling works on Saturday morning. There will be no activity in any other areas unless for emergency purposes.

We thank you for your continued cooperation and support during the construction works for the benefit of the Stonehaven Community.

Finally, we thank the many people who took the time to contact the project to express their gratitude for our assistance during the flash floods, we are very glad that everyone was kept safe and we were able to help.

Kind Regards

Sheila Tolmie

Community Liaison Officer