Letter From Our MP

By bellmannews / August 14, 2020

To Stonehaven and The Mearns,

The events of the 12th August will live long in the memory for the people of Stonehaven and the Mearns.

The flash flooding and storms affecting so many followed by the tragic events at Carmont are events that I know have hit our area and our community hard.

I saw the town at its best on Wednesday morning – when the sense of community that Stonehaven prides itself on was there for all to see supporting those people and businesses affected. And that community spirit will I know carry us through the next few days and weeks as the horror of what happened just south of the town sinks in.

I attended the site of the accident on Thursday where I met the first responders, representatives of Police Scotland, British Transport Police and Network Rail along with the Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps. I will never forget the horrific sight of the mangled train and the immense actions of those who got to the scene and dealt with the destruction deserve our eternal thanks and praise.

Of course, our thoughts and prayers go to those who lost family members and friends on that tragic morning. All three men were the very best of people and they will never be forgotten by those that knew them.

It is with those men in mind, that I am writing this letter.

Many of you will be shocked, saddened and worried by what has happened over the last two days. People need answers as to how it could happen and what will be done to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

I promise you that I won’t cease in my efforts to get answers. To get action. To make sure that our railway is safe. To make sure this horrific tragedy never happens again.

We must all work together to get through this. The community spirit I saw in action on Wednesday morning as the flood waters covered the centre of town is needed now more than ever.

I stand ready to do what I can- to support, help, answer questions, ask questions. My office is open and the phone will always be answered. Emails and letters always replied to.

I will never forget what I saw this week.

I know the people of Stonehaven won’t either.

But I also know that we will use these memories to drive us forward from these dark days to a brighter future.

I remain,
Your Humble Servant,