Nestrans Statement

By Jane Cruickshank / August 14, 2020
northbound train at Stonehaven station

Formal statement following train derailment at Stonehaven

Councillor Sandra Macdonald, Chair of Nestrans, has issued a formal statement following yesterday’s tragic rail derailment south of Stonehaven.

“Our heartfelt thoughts go out to those who lost loved ones in the rail disaster near Stonehaven; to their families, their friends, their colleagues, to all those injured, and to all the emergency workers.  It must have been absolutely traumatising for all involved in the rescue, and we are grateful to those working in the trauma centre here in Aberdeen who look after them.

My understanding is that once the site has been secured and that rescue and recovery is complete, it will the job of the rail accident investigation team to investigate the causes of the accident, and work out what the circumstances were, and of course to record the evidence. 

I expect the next priority would be to restore the service, as the rail link to the south of Aberdeen is hugely important to the whole region.  Over the next 10 to 20 years there needs to be a shift from road to rail, and the railway line linking Aberdeen to the Central Belt and beyond needs to be of a standard that is not only safe and efficient, but is able to compete with the car. 

And that will require modern signalling systems, a double track the whole length of the journey, and extra investment to prevent landslips along the route. 

Just now, however, our focus is very much on the immediate needs of those affected the most, who will no doubt be looking for answers for how this disaster happened.  Nestrans’ fully supports those undertaking this important work, in order that we can help prevent such a tragedy happening again.”