Bureaucracy Gone Mad!

By Jane Cruickshank / August 18, 2020

YELLOW lines should be painted outside Stonehaven’s Open Air Pool to reduce traffic congestion at the entrance to Cowie – says a community councillor.

And Mike Duncan also said the local authority should not need a four-month traffic review before taking this action.

Stonehaven’s coastal attractions bring many day trippers, who are joined by dozens of campervans in a struggle to find parking at the beachfront. At last week’s meeting of Stonehaven and District Community Council, chairman Raymond Christie told members he visited the area that week.

”Campervans were trying to get into the site,” he said.

”There was no way on earth an emergency vehicle could get in to Cowie as the road was completely blocked.

”The Council has got to do something to stop parking on one side of the road, as one day there is going to be an accident there.”

Council Say Traffic Review Needed

Mr Christie said there was to be a local authority review of the situation, which would take four or five months – but with budget contstraints it was not known when this review could take place.

Mike Duncan said: ”Could you not paint some yellow lines on the road and see what happens?

”It is bureaucracy gone mad!”

And he found support in Mr Christie who added: ”There was no way anything could get through to Cowie.

”Painting lines would stop that. People could die.”

Jim Stephen said he had been aware of the ongoing problem through his role with Stonehaven Town Partnership. He suggested approaching the managers of the Queen Elizabeth Park Caravan Site – and ask them to stagger their check-in time, to reduce congestion.

Cllr Sarah Dickinson also urged further consultation with the residents at Cowie as she feared losing parking spaces behind the pool, would push more traffic into the village.

alison fraser - August 18, 2020

Remove the unwanted cones from half the streets in the centre along to Cowie.

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