Optimistic Hopes for Funding

By Jane Cruickshank / August 31, 2020

FUNDING applications by the Tolbooth Museum and our local Yacht Club are on the agenda at tomorrow’s meeting of the Kincardine and Mearns Area Committee.

Aberdeenshire Council recently received £328,314 from from the Scottish Crown Estate (Marine) Coastal Communities Fund. While most of this windfall was ear-marked for strategic projects, each area of the Shire was allocated £12,500.

And tomorrow, the 12 councillors of the Area Committee are asked to approve applications for four projects demonstrating a tangible link to our coastline and/or the sea:

•Mearns Coastal Heritage Trail (MERCHAT) -£5,488
•Tolbooth Museum, Stonehaven -£2,550
•Aberdeen & Stonehaven Yacht Club -£3,475
•Catterline Rowing Club -£987.00

The Tolbooth Museum would use their funding to create a 40-page booklet encouraging individuals and families to explore the sealife and rock formations of the foreshore of Stonehaven beach.

And the Yacht Club hope to purchase four new training Optimist dinghies and rigs to replace existing equipment, which is over 30 years old. This will enable the Club to continue their training programme and maintain sailing as an accessible sport for the young.

The Club is the only body in the area providing support to young sailors from first lessons right through to competitive racing locally and nationally. The Club has a current membership of 220, including about 70 youngsters, with nine qualified instructors including three senior instructors.

Our councillors will then be asked to agree to open up the bid process for the next round of funding, of a further £25,000 allocated to Kincardine and Mearns coastal communities.

And There is More

Aberdeenshire Council has allocated £80,000 to each Area Committee for the financial year 2020/21. So far only one application (from Mearns FM) has been submitted and approved by the Kincardine and Mearns Area Committee.

Tomorrow’s meeting will see the councillors consider two further applications: from Johnshaven Community Garden (£411.84) and Mearns Coastal Heritage Trail (£4,000).

They are also asked to agree allocating Mill of BenholmTrust £2,321.80 from the 2020/21 Area Committee Budget as previously agreed in April 2019.

Assuming these applications are approved, £72,860.33 of the Area Initiatives Budget remains available.

The committee papers for tomorrow’s meeting are available online. It is a Skype meeting only with a recording to be made available to the general public in due course.

Feature photograph by Rona Rose