For More Orderly Streets

By Jane Cruickshank / September 11, 2020
overflowing bin with rubbish on ground

OUR community council and local authority are to join forces to provide a street orderly for the town.

The appearance of our streets was referred to time and again at Tuesday night’s meeting of Stonehaven and District Community Council. Barriers and weeds had already been discussed – then it was the turn of litter.

Chairman Raymond Christie said he would like to see a street orderly at work, especially along the beach front where the bins tend to be overly full.

Jim Stephen said no other town in the Shire has the volume of visitors seen in Stonehaven.

”I would like the Community Council and the Aberdeenshire Council to work together,” he said.

”This is basic housekeeping.”

The bins along the seafront are emptied daily during the week. But members heard there can be a problem at weekends when staff work on a voluntary overtime basis only. Mr Stephen said the Community Council could provide an orderly for the problem weekends.

Acting area manager Bruce Stewart asked for clarification of the proposal. He said: ”You mean the Community Council would pay for the person while Aberdeenshire Council provide all the equipment and all the kit?”

He added: ”I would be delighted to push forward with that. It is a proposal that could work as it involves funding from different sources and the use of council equipment.”

Councillor Dickinson told members there were ten 240 litre bins at the depot waiting to be placed along the beachfront. These, she said, would provide three times the capacity of the current provision but couldn’t be used yet as they would affect social distancing.

But Mr Stephen hammered home the need for action saying: ”If the town is looking like a dump, then people will treat it like a dump.”

Douglas Cusine - September 16, 2020

I fail to see why the 240 bins or some of them cannot be put in place. They will be much more than 2 metres apart. Is this another Council excuse?

Graham jenneson - September 12, 2020

When you say beachfront I hope this includes the harbour as there’s a shortage, hence people are leaving rubbish piled up at the end of the piers

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