Stonehaven Open Air Pool Features in Hy Art Exhibition

By bellmannews / October 19, 2020

Residency and Exhibition
Sophie Heldt 
19-25 OCT 2020

Sophie Heldt is an Artist currently studying Fine Art at Leeds Artist University. Sophie’s art frequently depicts landscape scenes that bear resemblance to places of significance to her.

What is consistent within her practice though is that these scenes are never painted from an observation, but from memories and thoughts of past observation, or even speculated observation. Faded and ever-changing depictions of places she has been, and many that she hasn’t, that develop and morph within her mind over the course of time. 


These paintings are tied to reality in a rather loose sense and many of them have developed into alternative views from the perspective of childhood, nostalgia and longing.

In these dire times Sophie’s work offers some relief. Come down to treat yourself or gift someone for christmas.