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By bellmannews / October 20, 2020
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From Police Scotland –

This report covers progress we have made in dealing with your priorities for the Kincardine and Mearns area for the period 1 to 30 September 2020.

The report aims to highlight emerging issues in your area, to provide crime prevention advice and guidance to Community Council members and the residents you represent.  Our focus is to reduce crime and disorder, help create safer communities and respond effectively to local concerns.

Community Policing Priorities

Antisocial behaviour, Violence and Disorder:

There has been a slight decrease in the number of Antisocial Behaviour calls within Kincardine and Mearns for the month of September, with 23 incidents reported.

10 of the 23 incidents related to youth annoyance. The majority of calls related to noise in the form of loud neighbours / music being played.

There were 14 assaults Crime files raised within the September period, which is an increase on the previous month. Of those 14 reported, 13 are detected and the remaining has a positive line of enquiry.

There was 1 serious assault reported during September which has been detected.

Acquisitive Crime:

There have been 15 thefts in the Kincardine and Mearns area this month, 4 are detected at this time, however 11 are still being enquired into.

There has been no reported Housebreakings this month.

Road Safety & road crime:

Drink/Drug Driving

In September there has been 1 report submitted for drug/drink drivers the accused had 44mcg of alcohol in 100ml of breath against the 22mcg limit.

Dangerous Driving

There has been 1 instance of dangerous driving and it has been reported to the PF for consideration of prosecution.

Careless Driving

There have been 0 reported incidents of careless driving for the month of September.

Community Engagement & Reassurance


Compliance with the Government’s regulations and guidance is still at a good level within K&M. There have only been a few minor issues regarding large numbers gathering and all have dispersed without resorting to tickets. The 4 E’s are still being employed by officers, and seems to be a successful approach at this time.

During the lockdown in Aberdeen, more of the Community Policing Team were deployed to make licenced premises checks in case there was irresponsible management of the premises and failure to adhere to the track and trace protocols. Most premises had systems in place, although not necessarily following the same format.

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