Flood Protection Scheme November Update

By bellmannews / October 30, 2020

From Sheila Tolmie, project community liaison officer –

Again, we find ourselves dealing with the effects of COVID-19 as well as the challenge of the pending winter months and flood events. We wish the whole community well and hope that you all remain safe.


This is a working weekend, you will currently see activity fortnightly from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday only in each area excluding 1B (between Bridgefield and the White Bridge). Where required, Sunday working is permitted between 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.


This closed on Monday 26th October to undertake the second phase of works associated with the installation of the two higher capacity culverts on the Glaslaw Burn. This involves the diversion of multiple utilities, breaking out the road, replacing the culvert and reinstatement of the area.  Again, we apologise for any inconvenience during the temporary restriction but this is necessary in the interests of public safety.


This is now temporarily closed by the contractor carrying out the works to replace the existing boardwalk.  This work is unrelated to the Flood Scheme and any questions should be directed to Aberdeenshire Council.


The winter months will inevitably bring increased risks which are unavoidable but this has always been the case with no greater risk from project start.

The contractor and Aberdeenshire Council have developed a Flood Emergency Action Plan which facilitates a joint response on issues such as the deployment of flood barriers.  This is a live document and as works progress it is reviewed and updated to ensure the risk of flooding is not worse than when the Flood Protection Scheme works commenced.

Please be assured that we will continue to work closely with all agencies and ensure standby plant, labour and materials, such as sand bags, are available to ensure that the existing level of flood protection is maintained during high level events whilst construction of the flood protection scheme is underway.


At times it has been reported that the lights are not working, the traffic management company are responsible for these.  If there is a problem, there are signs up stating how to contact them. If in doubt call the CLO.


There are fourteen Super-silent pumps in situ throughout the site and play a vital role to keep the areas dry whilst construction is underway.  Each is contained within its own lockable acoustic canopy and therefore noise mitigation measures are built into the pump itself. 

These pumps have been selected due to their high performance with regards to noise levels and emission ratings and are regularly maintained and checked by the Site Manager. However, if there is an issue, please let us know the number of the pump and precise location or perhaps a picture when you get in touch to assist in resolving this.


The team are very grateful for the vigilance of the community and especially after works are complete each day and on non-working weekends e.g. vandalism. 

It is always regrettable that largely works must cease prior to, during and following flood events.  This is particularly challenging and will remain so until the works are complete and we endeavour to resume as quickly as possible.
1.	4A North (between Beach Bridge and Bridgefield) – M&E for pumping station, stonework to bridge abutment and continuation of reinstatement to area 
2.	4A South (between Beach Bridge and Bridgefield) – Concrete works for flood wall construction 
3.	1B – works currently planned to recommence by end of the year subject to necessary approvals, revised programme will be circulated
4.	1C North (between White Bridge and Carron Terrace) – Completion of self-closing barriers and stonework 
5.	1C South (between White Bridge and Carron Terrace – Soft landscaping at Abbeyfield
6.	1D North (between Carron Terrace and Green Bridge) - Flow Control Structures ongoing, reinstatement works to Carron Terrace and finishing remaining section of floodwall
7.	1E North (between Green and Red Bridge) – Ongoing scour protection works followed by utility & drainage and garage construction
8.	1E South (between Green and Red Bridge) – Continued construction of flood wall and concrete works for bridge abutment 
9.	2G (Woodview Court/Glaslaw Burn) – Floodwall concrete works and scour protection ongoing
The communication strategy for the project is working well and the Community Liaison Officer (CLO) has many contacts with the wider community and this has assisted with identifying issues that the project team may not have known about otherwise.  The project has of course stimulated a lot of interest and the observations and contribution from residents whilst out and about is invaluable.  Using the normal communication channels and through social media has been a great help and we thank you for this excellent community relationship with the project team.


The site will close on Friday, 18th December until Monday, 4th January 2021.  As last year, a site wide review will take place and where possible any remaining traffic or pedestrian restrictions will be lifted where safe to do so for the duration of the shutdown.  Further details will be circulated nearer the time.


We take all types of feedback and requests for information seriously and respond as quickly as possible.  You can make an appointment to meet with Sheila at the Villa Coffee Shop on the 2nd Thursday of each month (next session is Thursday, 12th November 2020. Call or text 07867193124 OR Email Stonehaven.community@mclh.co.uk  You can also communicate with the project using the suggestion box on Allardice Street opposite the Chip Shop and Sheila, Project CLO will respond if you provide contact details.

I hope you can see that we committed to engaging with the local community and in many ways, all communications are recorded on a register and discussed weekly with the project team.  We have received many compliments about response times for information and issues including the positive feedback e.g. delight in the progress, professionalism of the teams involved and the consideration shown to the environment.

There have also been many instances of additional assistance to those directly affected by the works as they progress which have been very much appreciated.

You can find general project information and updates via the project website: https://www.aberdeenshire.gov.uk/environment/flooding/stonehaven-fps/