The Haven Community Larder launches crowdfunding campaign to keep doors open

By bellmannews / November 10, 2020

The Haven, a not-for-profit wellbeing space in Stonehaven, has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise £22,000 during November.

The money raised will allow The Haven to continue offering a community foodlarder service to people in the local area.The Haven community larder was first set up in response to the COVID-19 pandemic to address rising levels of food insecurity, providing a space for the local community to access food and essential goods.

The wellbeing hub is nowfacing the financial reality of the pandemic and needs to crowdfund to cover six months of operational expenses.

The Haven has supported a wide range of people in the local community to access food: from families, young people, those recently made redundant and the elderly.

Since opening their doors in May, they have supported over 3,044 visitors and redistributed food waste by partnering with local Coop supermarkets.

Crowdfunding to keep doors open for six months

Julia Morton, founder of The Haven said: “Our crowdfunding campaign is a critical moment for The Haven. In response to the pandemic, we transformed our yoga studio to address a rising level of food insecurity in Stonehaven and the surrounding area.

“Sadly, we received no rent break or reduction during lockdown. With our reserve savings now dwindling, it is vital that we meet our crowdfunding target.

”Without funding, we need to start planning to close the larder doors leaving vulnerable people in our community stranded.

“Meeting our target will allow us to keep our doors open for a further six months. In that time, we will be working to create a sustainable future for the community larder and aim to continue offering support to the Stonehaven community for many years to come.”

Mairi Gougeon, MSP for Angus North and Mearns, said: “The Haven’s community larder is a great example of how our local community has pulled together to support each other through these increasingly uncertain times.

”The community larder has provided crucial support when it has been needed the most, as the true impact of the pandemic is still unknown, these services must continue to have a place in our community.”