Dunnottar Castle in Snow

beautifully composed shot of Dunnottar Castle with snow showing rock features

By Andy Hall –

As we prepare ourselves for the full onset of winter, hopefully there will be an opportunity to photograph iconic Dunnottar Castle at its most photogenic – after a fresh fall of snow.

The ideal conditions are in late-afternoon when the sun is lowering behind you, directing beautiful golden light on to the snow-covered castle. Fresh snow will provide texture and modelling to  the rock on which the castle stands. Every crevice and undulation will be outlined.

The directional sunlight will provide soft shadows that will render the castle in three-dimensions, the key to successful landscape photography.

In composing the image, it is important to further convey a sense of depth to the image by including the leading line of the rock that resembles a fiddler’s elbow. This can be achieved from the top of the steps.

We are very lucky to have Dunnottar Castle so accessible to us in Stonehaven. Photographers from all over the world travel to capture its distinctive character and yet it is on our doorstep.