Section of Stonehaven Flood Protection Scheme delayed

By Jane Cruickshank / November 23, 2020

From Aberdeenshire Council communications team –

One section of a multi-million pound flood protection scheme at Stonehaven is likely to face a significant delay – potentially to late 2022 or early 2023 – as a result of revisions to the design and construction phases in one area of the scheme known as Zone 1B from White Bridge to Bridgefield Bridge.

At this time the exact programme implications are still being identified and work being undertaken to minimise any delay as much as possible. However, the vast majority of the project, apart from this zone, will be completed by next summer.

Residents are assured that the revisions will not affect the visual appearance of the scheme.

During a full meeting of Aberdeenshire Council on Thursday (Nov 19), elected members were given a report on a different construction approach and the implications for the wider scheme.

Councillors heard at length from the council’s Head of Roads, Landscape and Waste Services, Philip McKay, on the complex nature of the issue. They also took into consideration comments made by the Kincardine and Mearns Area Committee following discussions earlier this week.

Provost of Aberdeenshire, Councillor Bill Howatson, said after Thursday’s full council meeting: “It is, of course, extremely disappointing and regretful that one area of the Stonehaven Flood Protection Scheme is facing significant delay owing to an issue surrounding the implementation of one vital element.

“Those residents affected by this delay have our utmost sympathy and, moving forward, our main priority will be to continue engaging with both them and the wider community. The council remains committed to the completion of this vitally important project.”

Further discussions will be held with the community once the full design and programme implications are finalised to ensure that there is appropriate phasing of works to minimise the impact on residents.

Mary Marr - November 23, 2020

The comments by Provost of Aberdeenshire, Councillor Bill Howatson ‘those residents affected by this delay have our utmost sympathy’. I hope that this could be followed by the statement ‘they will be compensated for the extra length of time they will have to put up with the disruption to their lives’ also I hope they have had a rate reduction while the work is taking place.

Mary Marr

Mike - November 23, 2020

An issue surrounding the implementation of one vital element. WTF
So who F**ked up. How many years is this been in the planning and how many engineers have lined their pockets whilst the residents of the old town have to endure flooding time and time again
Time to name and shame the people or person responsible for this delay which will in the end cost us all money

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