Christmas Coming to Town

By Jane Cruickshank / November 27, 2020

FOR most folks putting up the Christmas tree is a small matter of a trip to the garden centre or attic and perhaps a bit of standing on a wobbly dining chair to arrange the lights and decorations.

But when it is the town’s Market Square whopper, donated by Richard Holman Baird and family, it takes a squad of burly men, cherry pickers and – a crane-equipped HGV to transport if from Rickarton Estate.

The men with muscles, flourescent yellow jackets and festive face masks were drawn from various town groups including our Community Council, Stonehaven Town Partnership, Horizon Group and the Fireballs Association and friends.

Work started at 7am this morning, preparing the carefully selected tree before transporting it to the town centre.

The men then set about setting it upright in its industrial-weight holder, before manning the cherry pickers to arrange the sets of lights.

The Bellman has no information about which of the chaps stood back and screwed up their eyes to check for even distribution.

The lights and baubles are provided by Stonehaven and District Community Council. The latest report from the Market Square indicates the lights will be done today and the decorations will be added tomorrow, to complete this year’s festive fir .