A Japanese Garden for Stonehaven

By bellmannews / December 2, 2020

From Councillor Wendy Agnew –

In September 2017 it came to my attention that Prime Minister Theresa May, on a visit to Japan, had accepted a gift of some five thousand Cherry Blossom Trees for the United Kingdom as symbolic of the relationship between Japan and the United Kingdom.

I immediately contacted the Landscape Services of Aberdeenshire Council to ask if they would be in favour of creating a Japanese Garden at Stonehaven if I could get Cherry Blossom Trees. Landscape Services were enthusiastic in support for the project.  I decided to request 100 trees and asked Andrew Bowie MP to pursue my request which he did and achieved the allocation of 100 Cherry Blossom Trees for Stonehaven.

In the meantime Landscape Services agreed a site with me for the Garden and put considerable thought and effort into a design for the Japanese Garden plan which was approved by the Sakura Team for the Japanese Association in the UK.    

I am grateful to all who have worked with me over the last three years to achieve what I think will be an asset to Stonehaven and an attraction in its own right in the North East of Scotland when it comes into being in the Spring of 2021.

The area of the Mineralwell that will be transformed by the cherry trees