Green and Red Bridges To Be Installed

By bellmannews / December 9, 2020

Flood protection update from Sheila Tolmie –

The monthly updates are designed to provide relevant information based on a combination of both current project activity, most common queries and feedback from the community.

Despite the many challenges that 2020 has brought, we are delighted with the progress this year and we hope you can appreciate this too. Whilst the construction of the scheme is underway for the benefit of Stonehaven, we are very thankful for your continued support and understanding.

The most common question is around risk of flooding, and we would again like to reassure you that while the winter months will inevitably bring increased risks which are unavoidable but this has always been the case with no greater risk from the project start. The project Flood Action Plan is designed to facilitate a joint response on issues such as the deployment of flood barriers. It is important to note that the historical level of flood protection is maintained during high level events whilst construction of the flood protection scheme is underway.


We are pleased to provide an update that the Low Wood Road will be closed for 3 days, 16-18/12/20 for the installation of the Green and Red bridges. Also, the footpath between Dunnottar Avenue and Arbuthnot Street is reopening:

  • Green – will be installed 16th December and commission for use beginning January 2021
  • Red – will be installed 17th December and commission for use beginning January 2021
  • Dunnottar to Arbuthnot footpath – reopened by 18th December 2020
  • Beach Bridge – date to be confirmed due to Boardwalk project
  • White Bridge – date to be confirmed

The Boardwalk Project has meant the temporarily closure of the beach bridge by the contractor (CRC). This work is unrelated to the Flood Scheme and we have passed on any feedback. Should you have any questions please direct them to Aberdeenshire Council on 07887707879 or CRC 07717827963.


Work is progressing very well upstream and around the Carron Gardens area.

The road was closed for six weeks to undertake the diversion of multiple utilities and associated works, we appreciate your patience during this closure. However, due to unforeseen services, there is now more work to do. Out of consideration to the community and in the interests of public safety, the road has been reopened but with a one-way system in place until this work recommences in the new year.


The walls are now up and the progress is evident and we are preparing for installation of the new green bridge and removal of the old one. An exciting milestone for the project and the residents affected as this is a very busy area and we are grateful to the community for your understanding whilst we push this section on.

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Reinstatement the properties on the other side of the river (Dunnottar Avenue) is going well and in the final stages.


Despite the recent flooding, work is progressing very well between the Beach and Bridgefield Bridge. Reinstatement of the gardens on the north side has commenced including rebuilding a garage and associated landscaping. Aberdeenshire Council have written to the occupants/owners of the affected properties in Zone 1B (between Bridgefield and White Bridge) and further information will be shared with them in due course. The final details will be more widely shared when this has been confirmed.


Have you had a look at the website, it has both historical and the most up-to-date project information, key dates etc

We also welcome information being shared via social media platforms and the local community newspaper. Thank you to The Bellman for including the project in its informative and helpful website

Have you seen the Stonehaven Flood Protection Scheme fly-through? This is for illustration purposes only and not relied upon for detailing


If there is a problem, there are signs up stating how to contact the company, both numbers are operating and are manned 24/7. If you observe any issues, please call them on either 01224 795 399 and 07387107817.


The Haven is a not-for-profit wellbeing space which offers a yoga studio, healing room and mindful room in the heart of Stonehaven and a great example of the community pulling together to support each other during these challenging times. During the pandemic, they created The Community Larder to address rising levels of food insecurity for Stonehaven families in need with fifty volunteers helping regularly. The Larder has recently relocated to Stonehaven Community Centre.


The Project Team agreed that this was an excellent Community Benefit to be involved in and will be making monthly donations to the Larder.


The site will close on Friday, 18th December until Monday, 4th January 2021. A site wide review will take place to ensure flood protection measures are in place. As last year and where possible, any existing traffic or pedestrian restrictions will be lifted where safe to do so for the duration of the shutdown.

The site will be monitored whilst closed and you should see minimal activity. The pumps will be switched off until the 4th of January. Access will of course always be available to the emergency services.

Finally, the whole Project Team wish the community of Stonehaven a very Merry Christmas and we look forward to a returning to continue the construction of the flood protection scheme in 2021 for the benefit of Stonehaven. Thank you for all the support shown and positive feedback received, this is very much appreciated.

Sheila Tolmie - December 14, 2020


To clarify, as has always been the case the Green Bridge will remain open until the new Bridge has been approved for use. We anticipate that the Green and Red bridges will be accessible to the community by the end of January 2021. A further update will be provided with exact dates nearer the time.

I hope this answers your query. If you would like further information about the project, feel free to contact me either by email or Tel 07867193234.

The project website also has lots of both of historical and uptodate information To clarify, the Green Bridge will remain open until the new Bridge has been approved for use. We anticipate that the Green and Red bridges will be accessible to the community by the end of January 2021. A further update will be provided with exact dates nearer the time.

Kind regards

Community Liaison Officer
Stonehaven Flood Protection Scheme

Lynda Reid - December 10, 2020

It would appear from the info provided that neither the red nor the green bridges (nor indeed the white bridge) will be in use over the period of closure for the festive period. This will cause extreme and frankly unacceptable inconvenience to the public. I would think that this could be better scheduled to allow at least one crossing to be available for use to the public whilst the site is in shutdown.

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