Stonehaven Harbour

Interesting mix of chains and nets

Through the Lens by Andy Hall –

Stonehaven Harbour provides regularly-changing opportunities for photography.

A casual walk around the inner harbour will reveal a multitude of subjects in the form of ropes, nets, creels, flags and chains.

My main aim here was to make an ordered composition out of a chaotic collection. Robert Capa, co-founder of the famous Magnum Group, urged photographers to move closer to their subjects if an image wasn’t presenting itself. By doing so, you seek images within images.

This pile of random nets, ropes and chains was simplified by looking for a section which fulfilled some of the key criteria of composition – simplicity, separation and balance, enabling me to create apparent order out of chaos.

Making images like this is a reductive process. You need to decide on the elements that are playing an active role in the composition and remove everything else from the frame.

Dull light is best for this kind of image as it will enhance texture and will render colour in a much more vivid way than in the contrast of direct sunlight.