Christmas on the Carron

By bellmannews / December 19, 2020
new red bridge - it's red

From Sheila Tolmie of McLaughlin & Harvey

Stonehaven Flood Protection Scheme

“Festive Holiday Arrangements”

Friday, 18th December 2020 to Monday, 4th January 2021

The following is a summary of the key information about the arrangements for the site shutdown.  The Project Management Team have undertaken a site wide review of housekeeping, security, traffic and pedestrian management and flood protection for the duration of the closure.  A roadsweeper is being deployed to clean the affected roads prior to the site closing on Friday.

  1. When does the site close and open again?

There is a significant amount of work involved before a site can be safely shut down.  Once this is complete, work will stop on Friday, 18th December at 5 p.m.  and recommence at 8 a.m. on Monday, 4th January 2021.

  1. Will any work be carried out during the holidays? 

You will only see personnel on site undertaking daily checks but no work activity unless there are security issues or emergencies.  There is an emergency contact throughout, call 07867193124 or email

  1. Are there additional flood protection measures in place during the closure?

To provide reassurance and for further clarification, until the scheme is complete the contractor and Aberdeenshire Council have developed a Flood Emergency Action Plan which is constantly updated during the works.  This is to ensure the contractual obligations are met by McLaughlin and Harvey in a flood situation (in terms of not making flood risk worse).  This plan provides a joint response with Aberdeenshire Council on issues such as the deployment of flood barriers.  All of this will be in place and checked before the site closes on Friday.

  1. Have any of the traffic or pedestrian management arrangements changed?

Yes, we are pleased to announce that out of consideration to residents and visitors it has been agreed that during the festive holiday, the following is happening: 

  • Carron Terrace – This will be open from 5 pm. on Friday.  Please be aware however that there will be a requirement for all vehicles to be removed by the evening of Sunday 3rd January 2021 to prevent any delay in recommencing the remaining works in the new year.
  • Carron Gardens – The boundary fence on the culvert side will be pulled back enabling wider passage for both pedestrians and vehicles during the site shutdown.
  • Low Wood Road – Following the successful installation of the bridges this week, the road will be reopened
  • Dunnottar to Arbuthnot footpath– The footpath will reopen, however for health and safety reasons you will see that there is screening up on the riverbank verge, this is necessary until the landscaping is complete.
  1. When will the new Green and Red bridges be operational?

Following on from the successful installation of both bridges, to clarify, as previously stated, the existing Green Bridge will remain open until the new Bridge has been approved for use.  We will be installing security fencing around the new bridges until they are accessible to the community.  A further update will be provided with exact dates in the new year.

  1. What happens if any of the Project related traffic lights are not working properly?

If you observe any issues, please call the Traffic Management company on either 07387 107817 or 07469 084009

The project team would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and we look forward to returning to continue the works for the benefit of Stonehaven in 2021.