Do You Know Anything About the Concrete on the Beach?

Dear Bellman

Does anyone know what the concrete structures on Stonehaven beach used to be?

Sometimes they are buried but just now they are visible – see photos.

Our theory is that they are the remains of two of the bridges that used to cross the Cowie River when it used to run parallel with the shore to join the Carron before flowing into the sea.

BUT – are we right?

“Concrete north” location
= Long,Lat {56.96591,-2.20659}
= what3words {impeached.item.grumble}
= about 15 m towards the sea from the beach access by Ironfield Lane.

“Concrete south” location
= Long, Lat {56.96509,-2.20666}
= what3words {avid.committed.beast}
= about 25 m towards the sea from the beach access by Cowie Lane.


Mike & Maggie O’Hagan

The ‘south’ block of concrete

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Mike O'Hagan - February 3, 2021

Did you notice the deliberate(?) mistake?
I’ve got the Logitude & Latitude backwards – the words that is – not the numbers!

Corrected version =

“Concrete north” location
= Lat,Long {56.96591,-2.20659}
= what3words {impeached.item.grumble}
= about 15 m towards the sea from the beach access by Ironfield Lane.

“Concrete south” location
= Lat,Long {56.96509,-2.20666}
= what3words {avid.committed.beast}
= about 25 m towards the sea from the beach access by Cowie Lane.


Jane Cruickshank - February 3, 2021

Thank you Martin – I’m sure I’ve seen old photos of the bridges, just didn’t realised they would have concrete bases!

Jane Cruickshank - February 3, 2021

Thank you Robin for giving us such a good description of the old bridge and of the promenade construction – who would have realised there is so much now hidden below the shingle?

Robin Barclay - February 3, 2021

The first photo is all that remains of Sievies Brig that was located at the bottom of Ironfield Lane.
When I was a kid in the early fifties we played on that concrete structure that was still standing on the west side. The East side was long gone, but is probably deeper under and is never exposed.
The bit you still see exposed was knocked down to make way for the new Promenade built in the early sixties.

The second concrete structure is an “extra step” that was cast whilst building the New Prom.
The base of the sea wall from the Cowie Burn to the bottom of the Model Close “ Post Office Lane” is of similar and equally deep construction as the original prom from the Cowie Burn to the start of Cowie Village.
The difference between the north and south promenades is that the north concrete consists of beach pebbles, whilst the south is made with granite chuckles.
As a teenager I was the Unofficial Clerk of Works on the South Promenade Construction and as there is only a small gap in time between that Civil works project and the current one, my role remains unchanged….??
Robin Barclay
Stoney Native

Martin Sim - February 2, 2021

I think they are the bases of the Iron Bridges. There were 3 – one at Ironfield Lane one at Beachgate Lane and one at Market lane. There seems to be a concrete base in front of Salmon Lane but there wasn’t a bridge there so it might have moved with sea action.

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