Sunrise on Rockpools

the distinctive lines of rocks at Cowie with warm dawn lighting on the water

By Andy Hall –

If you walk along the shore at Cowie heading north towards Garron Point an hour before sunrise and select a comfortable rock to sit on, you may be lucky enough to witness gorgeous pre-dawn light.

It is particularly photogenic at low tide because the pastel peach, blue and pink colours reflect in the rock pools to give your image a sense of balance.

When the tide is out, it leaves behind wet rocks that are full of pattern, texture and detail.

Many people set their alarm clocks to capture images at or after sunrise but the best light is during the forty minutes before the sun comes up, otherwise known as civil light. Light levels are usually very low so a tripod will be needed to ensure front to back sharpness.

The dark mudstone outcrops protruding from the water provide random features that need to be organised in the frame to make a pleasing image.

When the sun eventually does appear over the horizon, the best light has gone. Winter is the best season for images like these as sunset is at a reasonably sociable hour.