Help a Bear Club Fly

By bellmannews / February 9, 2021
endearing painting of bear looking out to swarm of butterflies

A STONEHAVEN man is almost half-way towards his dream of publishing a children’s book thanks to local support on a crowd-funding platform.

Ross Alexander Fraser has faced many battles in life – as a youngster he struggled with dyslexia and with autism, diagnosed only last year, he ‘always felt out of place’. Then in 2007 Ross broke his spine, leaving him housebound, in chronic pain and unable to work. He then turned to writing.

He said: ”When I found out my wife was expecting our daughter I began writing, or to be more honest learning to write. I am dyslexic, I never thought I would be trying to be a writer, in fact I didn’t learn to read or write at all until I was 10.

”My daughter had inspired me in many ways but two ways specifically. I wanted to show her that in life you can feel limited by lots of things but if she has the drive and determination she can do anything she puts her mind to.”

Help Ross See His First Children’s Book in Print

Having successfully written his children’s story, Ross found the courage to reach out to his community to have “Kaleidoscope” published – making an impassioned plea on Facebook.

”To be honest I am not good at asking for help, he said. ” It makes me feel very uncomfortable.

”I’ve not always had a lot of support in my life, most people misunderstood me so I guess I got used to hiding in the shadows.”

Now, Ross has set up a GoFundMe page and has raised £820 of the £2,000 target he needs to see his book in print. His page also showcases his delightful poem Mummy Matters.

”I’m not looking for fame or fortune,” he said.

”When I give my daughter a printed copy of my book that she can cherish and pass on to her children, to me that’s the moment I’ve made it.

”That is when I will truly feel like I have achieved something important.”

Ross would love to give Megan a copy of his book

As a footnote, Ross has let us know the first print run will be 1000 copies and Pretty Pug Publishing is going to donate £1 from the sale of every book to an autism charity of his choice.