Have Your Say on our Mental Health Services

By bellmannews / February 26, 2021

From Stonehaven and District Community Council –

The Aberdeenshire Health & Social Care Partnership (AHSCP) is about to tender their Mental Health Services contract – currently provided by SAMH under the branding of My Life Dynamic – and as part of this they are undertaking a public engagement exercise to gather information on what is important for people dealing with or affected by mental health issues.  

The Community Council would has been working with the AHCCP for some time to help improve the quality and delivery of mental health services in the community.  As we emerge from Covid the demand on our mental health services is likely to be greater than ever and it is vital that these services are up to the task.  

The Community Council therefore encourage you to take part in this survey.  Your feedback will help to identify any priorities that need to be addressed and inform the work the Community Council does with the AHSCP going forward.  

Many thanks for your participation, 

Stonehaven & District Community Council