Councillors Back Harbour Improvement Plan

By Jane Cruickshank / March 3, 2021
Shot of Bellman's Head from Downie Point

THE Southern Harbours Improvement Plan, SHIP, proposed by consultants was approved yesterday by the Kincardine and Mearns Area Committee.

The suggested projects contained within the plan would see almost £2 million of investment in the harbours of Stonehaven, Johnshaven and Gourdon – if funding can be found.

Councillors heard from principal harbours officer Corrie McCall, who said an additional £27,000 had been secured for works at Stonehaven since the writing of the report.

And, if the SHIP were approved, said Ms McCall, officers were keen to arrange a public information session during the week commencing March 15.

Cllr Wendy Agnew said she was interested in the proposed extension and upgrading of the harbour master’s office at Stonehaven and asked how this was to be done.

Ms McCall said this needed investigation. The toilet block could be included in the project to provide a new building – which she said would require a large investment. But, she said, the local authority currently hires a portable shower block each year for the use of visiting yachts.

”It is not financially viable to keep paying ‘X’ amount of pounds each year for that,” she said.

At Banff and Macduff harbours, she said, officers had sat down with community representatives and harbour users to consider their business plans and come up with a list of priorities along with timelines and costs – a process she would like to see used for the SHIP.

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