Reflections on the River Cowie

shimmering waters present a beautiful broken mosaic of silver birch and deep sky blue

Through the Lens by Andy Hall

Like for many people, local walks have been an important feature of Lockdown. I often take my camera with me with nothing specific in mind but to exercise my imagination as well as for the physical benefits.

On one of these occasions, walking alongside the River Cowie, I came across a group of silver birch trees brightly lit by the midday sun. I became aware of their reflections in the river. The contrast of the silver trunks and the bright blue sky stood out as an abstract photographic opportunity.

In composing the image, it was important to tightly frame the birches and not have any unwanted intrusions like stray grasses or overhanging branches, twigs or leaves.

I spent some time finding a section of the river surface to focus on which was evenly lit and without any shadowed areas. The shimmering surface meant that every shot of the many that I took was different. It was finally a case of choosing my favourite.