Help us Grow Community Resilience!

By bellmannews / March 15, 2021
supermarket potatoes in soil pretending to be home grown

From Julia Morton of The Haven –

AS part of The Haven Wellbeing Festival 2021 and to launch our Roots to Resilience project we shall be giving away free seed potatoes kindly donated by One Seed Forward.

The event takes place on Sunday March 21. We will be in the car park of the Stonehaven Community Centre near the Larder entrance between 10am and 12pm. 

Come along to collect tatties and have a wee chat about The Community Larder and our Roots to Resilience project.  We’ll be giving advice on how to grow tatties at home or in an allotment and sharing ideas for future growing plans. 

We want the people of Stonehaven to grow their own food to enjoy at home, and we’d love it if anyone has the space and time to grow food to donate to the larder. 

Pick your tattie variety

We have four different varieties of tatties to give away:

Gemson is a second early variety, it has white skin and a creamy white flesh, they are best steamed, boiled or used in salads.
Nicola is a second early variety, it is an oval shape with yellow skin and flesh, these are great boiled, mashed or used in salads.
Atlantic is an early maincrop variety. It is a short oval tuber with cream skin and flesh, these floury potatoes are good for baking and chips.
Hermes is a maincrop variety. It’s round with white skin and white flesh, they make great chips.

If you know for sure what tatties you’d like and how many then please email Francesca at this will hopefully ensure you get what you want and help us to control the flow of people.  If you don’t know what tatties you’d like but are going to nip along please select ‘going’ on the event page and this will help us gauge numbers of people on the day.

Please note, this will be a socially distanced outdoor event with a one way system in place. We kindly ask that you stick to your household or extended bubble when visiting.

Check this event page prior to leaving in case the event needs to change under Covid restrictions, many thanks.

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