Paddleboarding Red Nose Day Video

David in red lobster suit waving his claws

STONEHAVEN’S paddleboarding teacher David Jacobs made a special trip to Catterline this week – dressed as a lobster – in an effort to raise £1,000 for Comic Relief.

On the way, David faced not just the wind and waves, but also the local seagulls and seals who eyed him up as a big, tasty mouthful.

Back on shore, the six-foot lobster then carried on into town where he visited local businesses looking for fish – to the surprise of local traders. The day’s adventure was captured on a video, which David has posted on his Facebook page.

If you would like to support the lobster who wants to make a difference, then visit David’s JustGiving page – where you can help him claw his way towards reaching his target.