By bellmannews / March 22, 2021
The promenade wall as a strong diagonal across the image

From Cllr Dennis Robertson –

Last week, on 17th March, Aberdeenshire Council set their budget. The administration budget passed by majority, against an amendment from the SNP, Labour and Communities group of an alternative people-focussed budget for recovery.

Commenting, SNP Councillor Dennis Robertson (Stonehaven and Lower Deeside) said:

“The budget presented by the main opposition was focussed on people and communities, and how we could work together to meet the needs of all within the budget framework.

“Unfortunately, the administration budget which passed has taken significant cuts from the revenue budgets for flood work, and this is something I know will worry communities greatly.

“Here in Stonehaven, we are all too aware of the devastating impact of flooding. While the current flood alleviation works will help to protect some residents and businesses, there is also a wider issue that requires to be addressed, and that is the ‘over-topping’ that breaches the sea wall, as well as the surface flooding throughout the town when we have adverse weather and prolonged rainfall. Unfortunately, the budget cuts agreed on Wednesday could well mean that a solution to these issues is even further away. As an opposition group, we did not take these savings, because we recognise how essential such works are to those we represent.

“I do, however, very much welcome the addition of a replacement school for Dunnottar in the capital plan. The School continues to provide the best possible experience for our pupils living in that area, however it has long been recognised that the building is no longer fit for purpose, and a new school is very much required to meet the future needs of our children, staff, and hopefully the wider community.”