Partnership looking for your vision for our Coast

By bellmannews / March 31, 2021

From Aberdeenshire Council communications team –

The East Grampian Coastal Partnership is inviting people who live or work on the Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire coast to tell us what is affecting them and what could be done to improve our maritime area.

This could include ideas such as how to help our tourism business, encourage wildlife or simply enjoy time by, in or on the sea.

The Key Issues Report is aimed at informing the planners of the future, but also highlighting opportunities that can be delivered now. The document highlights current activities at the coast, problems and opportunities and suggests further work to help better understand these issues.

“The coast is key to the people of the North East of Scotland, whether it be for work or simply for enjoyment. However, there is so much activity it can be hard to keep track of what is happening,” says EGCP report author Ian Hay.

David R. Green, EGCP chair and director, adds: “In order to understand this vibrant region and plan for the future, the Key Issues for the Coast report has been developed and we would be keen to get your views.”

EGCP is particularly keen to hear from people involved in the fishing industry, energy industry and tourism/recreation. The report is out for consultation until May 15 and can be found at

Your Feedback should be sent to and will be included in an action plan as well as input to a number of community and stakeholder workshops in the coming year.