New Feature Commemorates our Ploughman Poet

the plough is painted red and green

A HORSE-DRAWN plough is a new feature for Stonehaven’s Burns Memorial Garden.

The century-old farming implement was donated by Jim Bruce who hosts a large agricultural heritage collection at his farm just outside Stonehaven.

The plough breaks the ground for a project being undertaken by the Horizon Group in conjunction with the Stonehaven Burns (Fatherland) Club – to rejuvenate the gardens and introduce some interactive features for the benefit of visitors.

Mr Bruce has freshly painted the plough in colours traditional to the area. It is of a style that would be very similar to that wielded by our National Bard in his farming work.

Burns Club president Douglas Samways said: “The Stonehaven (Fatherland) Burns Club is extremely grateful to Jim Bruce for his very generous gift of the horse drawn plough now in place at the Burns Memorial Garden.  It really does enhance the amenity of the site.  

”Its presence will no doubt remind those visiting the Garden of one of Burns’s most famous poems “To A Mouse”.

“Plans are in place for SFBC and Horizon to improve the visitor experience at the Garden still further by using QR codes to provide examples of and more information on the works of Burns and his links with Stonehaven.”

Horizon convenor John Cruickshank said: ”I’m delighted the Burns Fatherland Club are working with us on this project – and made contact with Mr Bruce, whose plough looks perfect and adds hugely to the heritage of the gardens.

”We will shortly be replanting the area around Burns’ bust with heathers and thyme. And we look forward to the interactive features the Fatherland Burns Society are going to present.”

Caption: Jim Bruce, left, who donated the plough from his collection is pictured with Allan Cairnduff who is leading the project for the Horizon Group and Douglas Samways of the Burns Fatherland Club.

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