Road Safety in Spotlight for Area Committee

By Jane Cruickshank / April 25, 2021
kids bike on ground

Aberdeenshire Council is formulating its Road Safety and Action Plan to 2030 – the draft of which will be discussed by our councillors when they meet on Tuesday morning.

The report for the committee presents a host of statistics. One is rather chilling: someone is killed or seriously injured every 72 hours on Aberdeenshire roads.

Aberdeenshire has a population of 261,470, who can motor along 5, 712 miles of roads. The cost of collisions to the area’s economy in 2019 was £57.2 million. The good news is that the number of road users being killed or seriously injured is around half of what was reported 10 years ago

According to the draft report, the principal aims of the action plan are to:

•Develop education and publicity work to raise awareness of road safety riskand reduce casualties on Aberdeenshire’s roadsto reduce the impact on the local economy, both financial and emotional, through a reduction of collisions;

•Deliver safer infrastructure and implement measures to tackle potential risk on the existing transport network.All road users will be afforded equal levels of protection and that all local areas are provided with sufficient support with impartiality to ensure consistent records of casualty reduction;

•Deliver safety and security through the design of new infrastructure and operation of servicesand continuing to support active travel and ensure the safety of vulnerable road users.

The Kincardine and Mearns Area Committee meets at 10 am on Tuesday April 27 – the full report along with a link to the meeting is available online