The Sea Starts Here

By Dawn Black / May 12, 2021
The Sea Starts Here fish stencil by a drain


For many years one of our local councillors, Cllr Sarah Dickinson has been working tirelessly to raise awareness of the impact of littering into drains which then lead to the sea.

In an attempt to reduce the amount of litter entering the drainage system via gully drains, stencils of yellow fish (the internationally recognised symbol that the gully leads to the sea) have been marked onto the pavement next to drains to remind us all that the sea starts here. Small litter such as cigarette butts and plastics make their way to the sea through these drains. The visual prompts the overarching message to be mindful to not litter, no matter what the object and to always utilise bins or take your litter home. It will not stay where you drop it.

The stencils at the trial target locations at the Stonehaven beach front and on Princess Road near Arduthie School will be monitored by council officers for both their durability and impact. Hopefully this scheme will progress to other key locations in the future.