When Building on Countryside…

view across Carron to the land owned by Mr Morrison

Dear Bellman,

I would like to clarify quotes attributed to me in a report in The Bellman dated May 12. My comments were made at the community council meeting regarding the application to erect a house on countryside beside the Carron River.

I made a point of principle namely, that that IF the community or Council (Aberdeenshire) were to support and sacrifice any large area of countryside with access to all, and re-zone it for residential, it should only ever be considered if the proposed housing met the needs of the community which, according to the Stonehaven vision 2021 and the Local Development plan 2021, has been identified as small scale and affordable housing. It should not be in exchange for a single very large house which contributes nothing to existing or future housing stock of the town.

The proposed alterations to the landscape remaining are at best neutral for the community as there is already universal access and it is enjoyed by a wide demographic of the town. The new landscaping will change the peaceful character of the place and make large areas exclusive to individual groups.

Landscaping is by its nature temporary and easily changed. Building over countryside is permanent. In considering a response to the application the focus should be on the proposal to BUILD on COUNTRYSIDE.

Yours faithfully,

Gillian Wishart