Online classes open to young people

By bellmannews / June 7, 2021

From the Northern Alliance –

The Northern Alliance Regional Improvement Collaborative has designed a programme of Collaborative Online Curriculum Opportunities (COCO) for senior phase pupils during the 2021/22 school session. These will enable young people to undertake Higher, Advanced Higher and Foundation Apprenticeship courses remotely with teachers and pupils from across eight local authorities.

Pupils can choose one or more subjects to study online alongside their school timetable. Class sizes will be in line with schools, enabling a fully interactive experience for young people to work closely with their teachers and peers in an online environment – using e-learning school e-Sgoil’s successful tried and tested methods.

There are a limited number of places available for the coming session and the Regional Improvement Collaborative is accepting applications via their website.

The programme is based on Aberdeen City Council’s City Campus model, in collaboration with the Regional Improvement Collaborative’s e-Sgoil, and Digital Depute Head Teachers who are now working on behalf of each local authority to progress and enhance the digital agenda.

Courses run on Mondays and Wednesdays or Tuesdays and Thursdays 2 – 4pm based on a column model which has been designed to suit most local authority areas. Core teaching will take place during the first part of the sessions, allowing for pupils who may require to leave early to access school transport and access flipped learning aspects of course work in their own time.

e-Sgoil Head Teacher Angus Maclennan explains: “I’m impressed with what our new team of Digital Depute Head Teachers have developed to enhance equity of access to a range of relevant and engaging courses for pupils across the Northern Alliance.

“This may be particularly beneficial to schools who perhaps don’t have enough young people interested in a subject to run it themselves or who would like to increase the variety of subjects on offer.

“We have enjoyed great success in terms of attainment at e-Sgoil and also in re-engaging learners who find a traditional school environment challenging. This new curriculum offer builds on that learning and will provide young people with access to inspiring new opportunities and peer groups from across the Northern Alliance.”

Teachers from across the Northern Alliance’s eight local authority areas will lead the teaching of sessions, enabling more equitable access to a range of specialist subjects. Young people who are interested should discuss options with their teachers and see if they can work this into their timetable. They are then invited to apply directly online by 18 September, 2021.

To find out more and apply, visit:

For more information about e-Sgoil, visit: More on the work of the Northern Alliance, including a raft of new professional learning opportunities for teachers and practitioners, is also available online: Practitioners can also find and join our professional networks via our Northern Alliance SharePoint site (Glow login required).