Road maintenance imminent

By Dawn Black / June 25, 2021
traffic cone sitting in pothole

From Aberdeenshire Council:

Aberdeenshire Council can confirm that as part of its annual roads maintenance programme it has appointed Hunter Construction (Aberdeen) Ltd to undertake repairs and critical surfacing works in Stonehaven from July 5.

Among the key locations they will focus on initially are the following roads in Stonehaven – Robert Street, Bath Street, Westfield Park, Farburn Drive, Hunter Drive and School Road.

This is one of several road surfacing contracts we will be issuing in the coming months. 

The surface dressing programme in Kincardine and Mearns has now been completed with more than 22 miles treated and we are continuing our planned programme of works and reactive patching of highly-defected routes.

This is having a very positive impact and with the additional contractor resources now in place, the council hopes to complete the backlog of maintenance and repairs within the next four months.

While we’re by no means back to full capacity yet, motorists will have seen a massive increase in our roads operations across Aberdeenshire as a result of relaxed conditions on coronavirus and that will continue in the months to come.

As all road users know, potholes can appear at any time and often require a relatively speedy response to ensure the road is safe. This can mean that a temporary repair is required in the first instance, with a permanent repair being completed at a later date. 

While we try to minimise the need for this two-stage approach, in certain circumstances it is the right approach. It is likely that defects will occur between inspections and we would encourage members of the public to continue to alert us to the appearance of a defect. Potholes should be reported online at

The wintry weather this year has brought a range of challenges across Aberdeenshire. Our Roads Team is aware of a lot of current and emerging issues with the road network condition and will be working through these over the coming weeks.

Specifically, the work planned is to address the most safety-critical road surface defects across our 3,500 miles of road. Defects are categorised depending on the severity of the defect. Those posing an immediate danger to the public are inspected and actioned within 24 hours.

All other defects are inspected and repaired under a risk-based approach as per the Well Managed Highways Code of Practice. 

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, response times will be slightly longer than normal, however, we are pursuing external work contracts to assist with the repair of defects that have arisen due to the severe winter spell in February. 

These works will continue throughout the summer months and address the areas that are currently identified as programmed works.