Man with headphones and recording gear

With the Resources Centre continuing to remain shut and with no timescale for it reopening, we devised a method last year where we could carry out the process of producing the Talking Newspaper but working remotely from our respective homes. 

Using this new system, we did restart recordings in September 2020 on a more limited basis with a smaller number of volunteers involved. At that time the recordings went out every two weeks and was well received by our listeners. 

As we got into the swing of things, from January 2021 we reintroduced weekly recordings, which again has gone successfully. 

The new process involves the readers recording their articles digitally using the WhatsApp system on a phone, which the technician can then access to download to a computer, edit together and then forward the finished full recording again digitally to the administrator for copying and distribution. 

Again, the feedback we have had from our listeners so far has been very positive and we have also taken on a couple of new listeners during lockdown. 

In terms of our current numbers, we have 19 listeners and we would be keen to get this number higher, so if anyone does think they know of anyone who could benefit from receiving the Talking Newspaper, please just let us know. 

In terms of volunteer numbers, we do have just about enough volunteer editors, readers and technicians, although we have no formal standbys. To this end, if you are interested in volunteering with us, please do let us know. Full support and training will be given to anyone who would like to restart their work with us. 

We are especially short on volunteers to help with the admin role and again if you think you can help, any involvement you can offer would be very much appreciated. 

The new admin role does require you to have access to a PC or laptop computer and be able to use email. Beyond that, again full training and support will be given to get you up and running and there will always be someone available on the phone to help you, if required. 

It would likely also be handy if you lived in or near Stonehaven as the wallets do need to be collected each week and we are piloting a new collection point for these with the Far and Wide shop in Evan Street having kindly agreed to act as our postbox for the wallets. 

Our thanks for the Far and Wide for lending us their support with this. 

We are naturally also always on the look-out for new volunteers to join us – it would be great to have some new faces also joining us for the coming year. Please contact us at .