Carron Bridge History Upcycled by Men’s Shed

the planters with the Shed in the background

From Stonehaven Men’s Shed –

STONEHAVEN Men’s Shed have repurposed elements from two Carron bridges to create a new floral focal point at their beachfront premises.

As the Carron road bridge is to have new glass parapets, the planters Horizon Group used to tend became redundant and were offered to the Shed for upcycling by their Polytunnel Team.

And the ‘Shedders’ discovered no purpose had yet been found for the stanchions on the old Green Bridge which was removed as a result of the flood remediation works – and it was likely they would be scrapped.

Tom Hannan said: ”It was suggested, and agreed, that the Shed could also take these cast iron stanchions and look at how they could be upcycled, thereby maintaining a wee bit of Stonehaven history. ”

The Men’s Shed, who are supporting Stonehaven’s entry into Beautiful Scotland, then put their engineering skills to work uniting the two sets of components to produce the new floral display now on show.

Davie Ross & George McKinnon settling in one of the stanchions
Davie Ross, George McKinnon, Paul Tosh and Andy Lorimer
Ian Smith getting ‘in aboot’ with the paintbrush
And the finished work