Community Council Emergency Meeting to Discuss Resource Centre

By bellmannews / July 19, 2021
shot of the resource centre and its large bay window area

STONEHAVEN and District Community Council are convening during their summer break to discuss proposals to turn the Invercarron Resource Centre into a permanent vaccine clinic.

At their last meeting, our community representatives said they would fight any permanent closure of the centre, where the doors have been locked since the onset of the pandemic. Councillor Agnew shared an update where they heard permission for a review ito the centre’s future was being sought by Aberdeenshire Health and Social Care Partnership.

Then at the beginning of this month, groups who regularly used the Invercarron Resource Centre were sent a letter informing them it is to permanently become Stonehaven’s vaccine clinic.

SDCC chairman Bill Watson said: ”While welcoming the idea of vaccination centre within the town, the community council is concerned that this may not be the best location for it.”

Link to join meeting broken – use phone number!

SDCC are meeting by Skype tomorrow (Tuesday) evening at 7pm

If you would like to join the meeting, then

dial 01467 53 66 53

then enter when prompted

8361827# (GB)                 

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Vera coull - July 19, 2021

Think it’s disgusting they are even contemplating taking this one pleasure away from the elderly and infirm folks of Stonehaven . My husband who went there certainly hasn’t received a letter with reference to this. So when is it proposed to supply an alternative replacement?? I for one will be quite happy to start a petition to stop this being done to old folk stuck in their homes .SHAME ON YOU regards Vera Coull

Louise Haynes - July 19, 2021

Real shame, you really need to re,think what you are doing if it shuts. Where are the elderly to go now, its where they go to meet friends for a cuppa and a chat to some its the only time they may get out. We are trying to stop people being a lone, and all the other activity that were there for them. Please think about the elderly.

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