Have You Seen This Poster?

dolphin leaping with fish in sea and people on yellow beach

IF you have been in and around the town centre recently, you should have spotted a colourful poster of a Stonehaven beach scene in lots of windows, with the slogan ‘We are Stonehaven’.

The poster was the work of Mackie pupil Cailean Mcallister after the school was approached and asked to help design a poster to accompany Stonehaven’s entry in this year’s Beautiful Scotland competition.

The pupils were asked to encompass the sense of Stonehaven and the notion that it was a whole town entry.

Horizon Project convenor John Cruickshank said: ”Since so many groups have supported our entry and since it is the town that is entering, we didn’t want the poster to just be about the flowers that everyone associates with Horizon.

”This particular poster had a certain appeal and we felt it was lovely and colourful. An added bonus is that it really ticks the boxes of this year’s Beautiful Scotland themes of ‘Climate and Nature Friendly’. So well done Cailean, we hope you are enjoying seeing it about the town.”

With judging day for Stonehaven’s fast approaching squads of volunteers have been weeding, washing and sweeping all around the route – two judges will visit Stonehaven next Wednesday, August 4.