Cycle Race Route

pot holes on David Street

Dear Bellman

Those whose properties adjoin the route of the Tour of Britain cycle race on Sunday 12 September have received a letter dated 9 August from the Area Manager, Bruce Stewart, about traffic restrictions on the day. The letter had to be sent by first-class post to give suffice notice for residents to adjust to any trauma ensuing. It comes with a map for the benefit of any resident who does not know where the streets are. The restrictions affect Beach Road, The Links, the Beach Promenade and the Leisure Centre car park.

For years, the Council have ignored potholes, poor drains and weeds. For Covid, it put in place barriers in streets and 20 mph signs, without, I am advised, any advanced notice. But a cycle race is different. It is of the highest priority and the fact that your car gets damaged by the potholes, or your house or business gets flooded pales into insignificance when compared with a cycle race.

It will be interesting to see whether the Council does some temporary repairs to Allardice Street the surface of which has to be felt to be believed. The street surface is not due to be repaired until 2023, when the flood-prevention works are due to be completed. We do not want a cyclist to be injured, or even take a dim view of the state of the roads, but other places will not be seen by the cyclists and will probably continue to be neglected. The Council knows that it is not in any real sense accountable for how it spends your money.

Yours etc

D. J. Cusine.