All You Need to Know Before Sunday’s Race

By Jane Cruickshank / September 8, 2021
Poster image with racing cyclists

The final stage of the Tour of Britain is coming to Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen City on Sunday.

Some of the worlds best riders will take on the climbs and sprints when the race leaves Stonehaven at 10.30am for a much-anticipated ascent of the famed Cairn o’Mount climb in the opening kilometres.

You can see the exact route the riders will take here (stage 8):

This map is hyperlinked so you can zoom in on any area of interest

Advice for spectators

If you plan to watch the race along any part of these routes, there are things you will need to remember: 

  • Have a plan B – if you arrive to any point on the routes and find it busy, please be prepared to move on to another location.
  • Personal responsibility – only stay at a location if you have space. Consider wearing a mask if it makes you feel safer.
  • Give people space – avoid crowded areas and remember face coverings are advised as they often help others to feel safe too.  
  • Parking is limited – particularly on rural stretches, parking will be limited. Please only park where parking is available, stick to local parking restrictions and never park on the route. Can you cycle or walk safely to the location where you want to watch the cyclists pass? Consider public transport where possible.
  • Respect the safety of the riders – please give them space as they pass along the routes. Please note that you will not be able to access the team parking areas at the start and finishes.

To make sure the route is safe, various Temporary Traffic Orders have been put in place.

The start venue at Stonehaven’s Beach Road and The Links along with other listed roads in the Stonehaven area will have temporary waiting restrictions applied from 1800hrs on Saturday 11th. To ensure safety there will be a temporary closure of Beach Road and the Leisure Centre car park on the day of the event for use of the TOB organisers.

There is a neutralised zone lasting 2.9 miles where the race is controlled until safely out of Stonehaven. The neutral zone will end on the road to Auchenblae after the climb out of Stonehaven.

Rolling road closure along route

A rolling road closure for the race itself will be in place along the entire route from Stonehaven, over the Cairn O’Mount, through Aboyne and Ballater before turning eastwards again, past Castle Fraser, on to Westhill and back to the finish line at Aberdeen’s Beach Boulevard. This rolling closure will be controlled by Police Scotland and event marshals and will include the temporary closure of any side road junctions.

The B974 Cairn‘O Mount Road is a special section. It will be closed to vehicles from 1800hrs on Saturday 11th September until after the event on Sunday 12th September. Spectator parking for the climb is provided – see map below

There will also be particular attention paid to Auchenblae, Fettercairn, Aboyne, Ballater, Tarland and Westhill in terms of temporary waiting restrictions.  Again, this is to provide a level of safety for the public and the competitors as the event passes through “built up” areas.

For details of timings, extent of waiting restrictions, road closures and alternative diversion routes, please check the Aberdeenshire Council website indicated below:

Roadworks – closures and restrictions – Aberdeenshire Council

Excitement mounting for the final stage

Aberdeenshire Council Leader Cllr Andy Kille said: “It has been so long in the planning that it is hard to believe this race is now just days away. My thanks to everyone who has pulled the plans together, under the most unusual circumstances.

“I think that getting the finale started in Aberdeenshire is going to make for a truly spectacular finish. The climbs and sprints, the scenery, the landscape and all the fascinating history along the route will bring Aberdeenshire into a true global spotlight. I am also hopeful this will be aspirational. Getting young people out cycling or even getting the rest of us more active could be a transformational legacy.

“I wish the riders all the very best on Sunday.”

Chris Foy, CEO, VisitAberdeenshire said: “On Sunday, spectators will see some of the world’s cycling superstars come to the region in what promises to be an exciting finale to the spectacular Tour of Britain. With a nationwide TV audience watching, we have every confidence that the stunning Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire scenery will inspire future visits by cyclists from across the UK.”

bike leaning against wall of viewpoint at top of Cairn o Mount

For more information on the Tour of Britain and supporting activities please visit: