Stonehaven Film Maker’s Doric Noir

By Jane Cruickshank / September 8, 2021
night time shot of Stonehaven bay

STONEHAVEN film maker, Nat Rowbotham, has an atmospheric film featuring in this year’s Doric Film Festival.

The result of a collaboration with local writer Alistair Lawrie, Homecoming was based on a poem written a few years ago in response to one of Alex Salmond’s Homecoming celebrations.

The poem is edgy and darkly satirical – speculating about what might happen if Scotland’s greatest blackguards were to come back from the dead.

And Mr Lawrie said he was delighted with Nat’s interpretation.

“Overall I think the film very successfully captures the darkness in the piece and certainly its anger,” he said.

Meanwhile Nat said he was drawn to the mood and atmosphere of Alistair’s writing.

He said:”I shot the film during late winter to capture the mood of that time of the year in the North-east.”

Previous success in Across the Grain

Homecoming was one of only 12 films chosen from 27 entries to be showcased in the Doric Film Festival. And it is not the first time the talented Stonehaven duo have worked together.

Mr Lawrie said: “Nat and I have collaborated before. Last year he was commissioned to produce a short film for Aberdeenshire’s Across The Grain Festival about the area. He’d already made the film and I wrote a script to match the images.

”We called it “Fit’s Aa Here Ootowre I Grain?” to suit the required theme. We were both very pleased with the result.”

Nat’s film starts at 10.40 mins

Next project already in planning

Nat and Alistair are now planning a further collaboration matching Nat’s images to Alistair’s words later this year. Based on a work called Kelpie, it will hopefully be Nat’s entry in next year’s Doric Film Festival.

Nat recently completed his degree in film studies and production at Queen’s University, Belfast.
Alastair is the founder member of the Mearns Writers group